What God has been doing

Healing from Colourblindness

I  was healed of colour blindness on Friday 14 November.  I had the chance to go to Taunton on a course run by Catch the Fire for a week.  The teaching was very similar to what I have been learning at Ellel, covering forgiveness, deliverance, soul ties etc, but the most amazing thing was what happened on Friday.  Stuart Glassborough, who runs Catch the Fire Wembley was teaching the final session and talking about having faith for situations and not just accepting them.  He mentioned eyes, saying we should not just accept that we have wear glasses as we get older, but believe God for healing.  He also mentioned colourblindness, which I suffered from.  I was badly red green colourblind, to such an extent that I couldn't distinguish between the red and green at traffic lights!  He carried on talking, but a couple minutes later came back to the subject of eyes , glasses and colourblindness.  As he mentioned it again I suddenly noticed that he was using a microphone, with a red cover.  I turned round and noticed that the chairs were really red.   It is as though colours have just come alive.   I can distinguish between the red and green lights.  Pretty exciting really.

I am still getting used to seeing colours properly, but it is quite amazing.  Even white looks whiter than before. 

I will have to look up how colour blindness affects people and how we see colour, but is pretty amazing.  My understanding is that colour blindness is passed down through the male line and is a genetic disorder.  There is no medical treatment and your perception of colour does not change.  It looks like God has been rewriting my genetic code which is pretty amazing.   I saw red berries on a holly bush yesterday for the first time! 

I don't know how this is related but I seem to have a greater perception of depth than I had before.  It is as though my eyesight has been upgraded to high definition, but the world is a much more interesting place.

I have had lots of conversations before about colourblindness, but it was difficult to explain, as I could not see what others were seeing, and thought the world was quite colourful.  I now know I had noticed colours before, but now I am really seeing them for the first time. 

I was praying about this and thought it is similar to how we understand things.  Everyone has an understanding of love, but you don't really get it until you see the real thing.  I thought I was seeing colours but now know I was only seeing part of the spectrum.  I think God wants to open my spiritual eyes in a similar way so that I can really experience his love for me at a greater level. I think that's true for all of us.


Quite exciting stuff.